VIP Therapy Care
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VIP Therapy Care

Our Vip Therapy Care clinic was founded in 2001 with the vision of an innovative and patient-oriented holistic treatment in medical sector. Our aim is to correctly identify the needs of our patients and to create a diagnostic and treatment protocol that would provide them with the top quality response within a short time.

Our mission is to extend the quality and method we have achieved nationally also in "International” platform. Turkey’s well accepted specialist physicians from different branches are included within our organization and our service network is growing. It is our principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

What is VIP Service?

Our Vip service starts right when our patients apply to us and goes on throughout the diagnosis and treatment. Our Vip treatment process covers being hosted in the best hotels by inner city transfers and programs that introduce the social face of beautiful İstanbul. In other words, it’s a health tourism package that provides our patients with all their necessities from A to Z from one center. Turkey’s most developed hospital staff and tourism professors are included in our organization. It is our principle for our patients to receive the best and top quality service within the shortest time so that they return to their countries healthily with the highest level of satisfaction.